World Heritage GöbekliTepe

Göbeklitepe, which is the subject of this series in the near future, attracts the attention of all archaeologists. A mystery is added to a mystery. But another archaeologist is arrogant to discover this place. Fortunately, we are facing such a situation, or the area will not appear. New addresses, etc. Download They say they’re out. All the information displayed deletes all rows we know. It is a mistake to know that we are now. Anyone who has not been to Gobklitapa before should go and see the atmosphere there.

7,000-year-old pyramids of the famous Stonehenge in England over the age of 6,000. Plus, the same mysterious, surprising and comparable … We went to Goblecitep, the creator of history 12,000 years ago. Be famous with humanity. Guides are rearranged…

Archaeologists, who were studying the remains of the Ice Age and called the Broken Stone Age, found bone and an examination here. According to the Carbon 14 experiments, the heavy gloss time (Neolithic period) began in 9600 BC. After the ice age, C.

Agriculture started in the Stone Age and the animals became hosts. Archaeologists began searching for traces in Mesopotamia (between the Tigris and the Euphrates) and focused on the “fertility trick”.

The areas we studied were mainly in southern Iraq, but when they failed, they turned to botanists and zoologists for help. According to them, to find animals such as wheat, barley, sheep and goats, you should study high altitudes and places with moderate precipitation.

Hilal shook Turkey’s largely southern regions gathering in Iran. Gobklitapa yes, but lagged behind in the rankings. German archaeologist until 1995. The doctor did not feel the area until Klaus Schmidt noticed.

In one of the aerial photographs, a hill without an archaeological market is highlighted. According to Schmidt, the drywall bed cannot be natural, it must be an artificial battery. Then the excavations justified Schmidt and made a great discovery.

Interestingly, these excavations were carried out: 12 columns integrated in a circle or oval were placed, and two separate columns (5.5 meters high) rose above them. Also, these structures (temples) are repeated in the battery.

The T-shaped columns were made of “one piece” like others and weighed about 16 tons. How were people as old as the Stone Age built and moved?

In addition, the human arm and the arm are engraved on the columns. It has no face, but assumes that the upper part of the T shape represents the head. In other words, he represented people, but more than that: gods. The meaning of all this was clear, the Great Temple is the oldest temple in the world.

Another thing that surprised archaeologists during the excavations was the bones of wild animals, that is, people living here were hunting people, and according to modern theory this mystery ranged from hunting to agriculture. and from there to the order. Religions were established and religions also came.

However, Gibbletley argues that this theory is the opposite of human history because religions cannot emerge later and this was the end of the Stone Age.

One of the most interesting and mysterious things about GobClitep was the skillfully working characters on the pages. Cows, foxes, different species of birds, wild boars, scorpions, headless human faces or abstract faces … They all had one thing in common: they were beautiful works of art.

These figures were integrated and had large columns that required extraordinary skill. At GobClitep, I learned the engineering and art of the characters that were there years ago and this information.

What do all these symbols mean? T column, 2 columns in the middle and more? In addition, there were at least 20 temples. Attention Temple d.

Archaeologists, historians, and astronomers (yes, astronomers) have developed various theories and predictions. I can’t explain them all here, but I’ll summarize the important ones. There are two mysterious large T-shaped columns in the middle of each temple.

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