What are the ways of virus protection?

What are the ways of virus protection before answering the question what is a virus We have to define it first. It does not make sense to take precautions about how to protect if we do not know what viruses are.


viruses much smaller than the cell and basically genetic material containing capsules. Viruses that enter the body quickly invade and take over cells. The captured cells are destroyed at this time.
Viruses cause many diseases, including the following diseases.What are the ways to protect against viruses

Common cold
Water flower etc.

The basic principle of protection from flu infections is taking vitamin C. Trying to increase body resistance allows us to get rid of the flu faster. The best vitamin C naturally Limon There. Vitamin C supplements for the flu, which we caught during the seasonal transitions, need to try to increase the body resistance by consuming the vitamin C store fruits a little more.

Flu viruses have been mutated from time to time by mutating for many years. It has been the SARS virus that has affected the whole world in the last 20 years and spread from the far east. In 2003, its effects were serious in many far eastern countries. It has become even more dangerous this time for SARS to mutate and turn into the new flu virus MERS. Although the MERS virus is more effective than SARS, the arrival of the summer months disappear by itself within 2-3 months.

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Corona virus, swine flu Viruses are also caused by such diseases, but the fact that the above diseases are known by the immune system is the treatment of most, but it reduces the risk of death. Deadly viruses, corona and the like, including the above aids, are generally viruses that are transmitted from animal to human and that the immune system cannot identify. For example corona virus is a bat soupIt is said to be transmitted to humans.

What are the ways of virus protection?

Ways to protect against similar viruses are common, for example separate for chickenpox corona virus There is no separate protection for. But AIDS There are different types of viruses and this virus passes from person to person, not by air or contact, but by sexual and blood. Here, we will talk about ways to protect from common easily transmitted viruses. Viruses are generally transmitted from person to person through contact and air. The most basic virus protection methods are;

  • Not contacting people who are sick
  • Washing your hands with regular soap
  • Not touching the face and eyes without making sure your hands are clean
  • If you do not use tissue paper during cough and sneeze, do not use our elbow. At the same time, those who do not apply this substance should be avoided.
  • We have to pay attention to food and drinks.
  • We must have the necessary vaccinations.

These are ways to protect against corona virus, which is causing worldwide loss of life and is still spreading. It should not be forgotten that no matter how simple these items seem, they spread to thousands of people in a very short time. Although there is still no clear treatment, if they get caught, people have a chance to get rid of their age and chronic diseases. The corona virus is a Sars-related virus and there is currently no cure for such viruses.

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