I Never Knew The Benefits Of Milk!

Do you drink milk? Can you think of, for example, “if I drink milk” during the day? Do you prepare warm milk before bed to get a good night’s sleep?

I Never Knew The Benefits Of Milk!
I’ve always loved milk my whole life. When I was a child, my friends drank milk like a duty to their mother, and I drank it without saying My mother. I grew up, the situation hasn’t changed again. I still drink milk often

At my house, there’s always milk in the cupboards. I can’t say I’m doing this very consciously, I think it’s a long childhood habit.
I didn’t know much about the benefits of milk, but I was drinking it just because I loved it, but recently, when it came to the words of a famous expert on milk, “let me look at a search, what does it help me,” I said. Result? Personally I didn’t know it was so useful!

I knew milk was a good source of calcium, but I had no idea the amount. I learned a lot of good things from the research. I made a nice summary for those who don’t know much like me.

Did someone say calcium?

Milk is one of the richest foods in terms of calcium absorption. As the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) notes, “the biological availability of certain nutrients, such as calcium in milk, is high compared to other foods in nutrition.” This means that we need to consume larger amounts of calcium from other sources to achieve the same effects.

There is about 200 – 220 mg of calcium in a glass of milk (200 ml). Furthermore, calcium:phosphorus ratio in milk for bone and dental health is within the ideal range of 1:1 – 1: 1,5. In other words, as long as there is no pathological disorder, milk is the most ideal food to meet your daily calcium requirement.
Milk is the cheapest, most important and most useful source of calcium. It also contains a group of proteins that prevent calcium deposition, which makes it easier for calcium to be absorbed by the body. This explains why milk and dairy products are called the best source of calcium, right?

In the meantime, maybe you have connoisseurs, lettuce, dill, arugula such as yesilleaf vegetables, molasses and dried beans also have calcium. However, considering that an adult’s daily calcium requirement is 800 mg, it is not possible to meet all of this by eating lettuce, arugula or dill. Think about it, to meet your daily needs, you need to eat 6 pieces of lettuce, 4 vineyards of arugula or 1 kg of dried beans per day. It is not possible to consume these amounts, but by consuming 2 cups of milk and 2 bowls of yoghurt we can easily meet our daily calcium requirement.

Milk contains calcium and protein to help weight loss.

Some studies have shown that certain nutrients, such as calcium, help to maintain weight control by reducing fat in the body. Weight loss has been shown to be effective in studies given calcium support. How? Calcium decreases absorption by altering fatty acids, as well as indirectly reducing energy intake by reducing the amount of fat digested in the body.
And there’s the protein part. High protein diets provide satiety. By increasing the Protein ratio at a moderate level, metabolism is accelerated, novelization of muscle mass is maintained. Because milk is the most calcium-rich nutrient, it contains high-quality protein and special fat molecules such as lioneic acid, causing weight loss.
After talking about the benefits of so much milk, it’s not like you don’t want a big glass of milk.

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