Does the electronic cigarette stop smoking?

in You electronic cigarette is it harmful?, Will he quit smoking??, how can I assure? If you are looking for answers to questions like, you can find the answer in this article.

Does the electronic cigarette stop smoking?

First of all equitting smoking with an electronic cigaretteThere are people who succeeded but still electronic smoking for a long timeThere are also those who continue to. Electronic cigarette contentlocated in nicotine ratio It can completely replace smoking with. However, if we want to leave its place, it is up to us again. That is to say, most of the people who managed to quit have succeeded by stopping the electronic cigarette for 15 to 30 days from the day they stopped smoking completely and started smoking electronic cigarettes. This period allows them to forget their smoking habits (when they wake up in the morning, after eating, while driving, etc.). They also manage to overcome their addiction to nicotine, even if you cannot overcome it, you can continue to use electronic cigarettes or return to cigarettes.

Is it harmful?

It has been concluded that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes as a result of researches around the world. It is not completely harmless and its liquid liquid provides you with steam instead of smoke in the cigarette. It consists of various nicotine-based chemicals in this liquid. So it is harmful, but not as much as smoking. Another problem is batteries in electronic cigarettesd. There are people injured by the explosion of these batteries. The reason for this is generally caused by the short circuit and poor quality battery used in the device. Newly produced podmod Model electronic cigarettes use tiny charging batteries instead of batteries and this problem has not been encountered until now.

How can I get it?

The sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited. The reasons are known as harmful, battery risk of explosion, tax losses, etc. Although it is generally banned, everyone can obtain it very easily. You can find this by asking the internet sales sites or the shops dealing with electronic works such as mobile phones and computers selling in your city. Or you can get it directly from places like letgo, facebook. When buying from websites, it is absolutely important to research that site very well.

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As a result, although e cigarette has damages, it is a much better option than smoking.

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