125 Nordic (Viking) Tattoos You Will Love (with Meanings)

Planning to get a Nordic/ Viking tattoo? Oh effectively, they’re presently some of the standard sorts of ink artwork amongst folks in numerous nations. Not solely it’s an alluring piece of classy artwork, however it additionally has an interesting story with fascinating mythology, tradition, and beliefs connected to it.

The origin of those tattoos dates again to the eighth century when an ethnic group named “THE VIKINGS” from Scandinavian areas dominated the rivers of Western Europe and Russia. Their tales are standard on the pages of the historic books due to their enchanting and amusing tradition.

Vikings had been the sovereigns of the ocean. They had been adventurers, explorers, merchants, and plunderers. They explored and traveled throughout Europe and past of their high-quality ships between the eighth and eleventh century.

Historical past sketches the Vikings as cumbersome barbarians with robust muscle tissues and flesh. They lined their our bodies with varied significant symbols, from fingernails to the neck. Thus, they’d conventional, non secular and sacred tattoos throughout them. Although there isn’t any documented proof to show it, however these information are credible as many archeologists studied them.

It’s a identified incontrovertible fact that Vikings had been decked out with convoluted indicators and symbols. Nonetheless, we’ve not found their which means.

Nordic tattoos are a mix of the rune alphabets. Runes used to write down each Germanic and Welsh languages- the language of the Scandinavians. They made varied symbols by becoming a member of completely different alphabets. Many cool writers like JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, and Jules Verne, and so on. have valued these alphabets of their novels and tales.

If books of literature can turn out to be enchanting and interesting with these historic, ethnic symbols, your physique can too. Though fashionable Nordic tattoo designs should not truly from the Viking period, most of them are inspirations from Norse mythological objects, animals, symbols, and weapons.

Let’s discover out the meanings and significance of the preferred Viking tattoo designs, in order that it’s simpler so that you can select your ink artwork design whenever you go to your tattooist the subsequent time.


Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe

This is without doubt one of the most omnipotent and cryptic signs from Norse mythology. This image is an eight-armed harpoon that secures the mid, central level from all of the damaging forces. Varied archeologists and students have many various interpretations of this signal. Certainly one of them is that it represents safety, safety, and protection from all of the hostile forces which will encompass you on this planet.

Many Viking barbarians drew, engraved or painted this image on their brow, proper between their eyes within the perception that this is able to defend them and can induce horror amongst their

The Valknut – 3 Interlaced Triangles

The phrase Valknut has its roots in previous Norse phrases valor and Knut. It means “the knot of the fallen.” It attributes to the killed warriors. This image has three interlaced triangles. Many archeological archives present it engraved on a wide range of objects, like funerary stones, of German-Nordic folks.

Individuals imagine that it has a deep connection to death- one thing Nordics worshipped slightly than feared; god Odin who receives the fallen warriors killed within the battle at Valhalla may be very well-known.

Different explanations affiliate it with a three-horned image, Snoldelevstone; discovered within the ninth century or German-Nordic paganism, and so on.

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Horn Triskelion – Three-Legged

This can be a threefold rotational symmetry determine and is without doubt one of the most essential Viking symbols. It has connections with Valknut and Triquetra. It is named the three horns of god Ordin. Individuals imagine that god Ordin negotiated with three nights with the giantess Gunnloo to accumulate the mead of poetry.

As quickly as he completed these three meads, he obtained what he needed, after which he reworked into an eagle and flew away. Ordin gained knowledge and data from these three meads. Thus, this image symbolizes knowledge and intelligence.

Troll Cross – The Protector

Individuals of Scandinavia put on a bent piece of iron decoration for defense, which is named a troll cross. A historic reality means that Vikings wore faux cross troll on their necks for defense in opposition to terrible trolls. Or they use to hold these cross trolls on the doorways of their houses and stables. Individuals believed that it doesn’t solely defend you from disasters but in addition retains you protected from supernatural entities, like black magic.

So, troll cross is a logo of safety in opposition to all negativities, and it’s also related to Othala. It’s an Odal rune which means land and property.

Yggdrasil – Backbone of all Existence

Bushes maintain symbolic significance in lots of cultures; likewise, Germanic mythology sees a major tree on the heart of the world. Individuals see this tree as a flexible image with a wide range of meanings and interpretations. On the one hand, it’s thought of to be the connector and the middle of the 9 worlds. Then again, folks imagine that the branches of the tree help and maintain the sky.

Moreover, folks see it as a world axis. Mythological views additionally refer that the heaven, center world, and underworld are protected beneath the safety of Yggdrasil.



Vegvisir – The Approach Finder

That is also referred to as the Viking compass, and this specific Nordic image means signpost. Individuals think about it a sijil- magical image. The principle goal of this signal is to indicate the sunshine to the misplaced soul. Individuals believed that if somebody carries this signal with them, they are going to always remember the route.

 It’ll information them even within the worst of climate and can present a path though one doesn’t have any concept about it. So, many individuals get it tattooed in order that they by no means lose the trail of righteousness and prosperity.

Mjölnir – Savior of the World

In line with Nordic mythology, Mjölnir is the quick dealt with magical hammer of Thor- god of thunder and lightning. It is without doubt one of the strongest weapons of gods. The mythological perspective states that Thor used his strongest weapon for the safety of the universe and to slaughter all of the enemies of gods.

 It’s symbolical for the safety and security in opposition to the evil and chaotic energies on this planet. Additionally, it offers safety, stability, functionality, drive, and braveness to the wearer.

Gungnir – Swaying One

It’s a magical weapon of god Ordin- the god of battle. Individuals believed that after they took a pledge, nothing may cease this enchanted spear from fulfilling its oath. On one event it was stated that this spear by no means stopped as soon as there was a battle.

Thus, giving an perception that this specific image places a highlight on fulfilling guarantees, irrespective of no matter it takes.

Huginn and Muninn – The Messengers

In line with Nordic mythology, the supreme god Odin had two ravens that use to take a seat on his shoulders. Their work was to go across the worlds and produce again all of the essential information and data of the 9 worlds to Ordin.

 The which means of this image breaks into two essential branches. One which means is that it doesn’t matter what, one has to have all of the essential data and it factors towards knowledge and intelligence. Then again, the loyalty of ravens towards their masters offers a message of adherence, allegiance, devotion and to offer the righteous and sincere message to everybody.


The Internet of Wyrd – Norns of Religion

Nordic idea of future is rooted within the internet of Wyrd. In line with Nordic beliefs, Norns made it- those who wrote destiny. Norns had been the goddesses who wrote, determined and decided folks’s future.

Internet of wyrd is related to the previous, the current and the long run. In line with this, there’s a connection between all three of them; so, no matter we do prior to now and the current impacts our future.


Triquetra – A Thriller

The triquetra is said to Valknut and horn triskelion. Though we’ve not found its essential symbolic which means, researchers have came upon it has one thing to do with paganism. There are numerous controversies about this specific image because it was utilized by Christians too at one time.

There are numerous discoveries within the Viking world the place this image was current on completely different objects, like combs. Nonetheless, the which means of this image stays a thriller thus far.


So, we’ve come to the top of this text. Above, you learn in regards to the historical past, origin, and meanings of some standard Nordic tattoos. Now you could have an open alternative of what can be finest for you.

Artwork isn’t about aesthetics solely, however it additionally tells rather a lot about folks. So my recommendation for you’d be, please don’t search for aesthetic tattoos solely. A tattoo would stay in your physique for eternity, so select your design correctly. Get one thing memorable, or one thing nearer to you. Get one thing that’s your individual reflection. I hope a few of these brilliantly aesthetic designs with deep meanings would provide help to select the perfect tattoo on your physique that others will covet.