124+ Geisha Tattoo Concepts: Go Unique ! (with Meanings)

With the rise in the popularity of tattoos, persons are growing new types, sorts, and strategies of tattooing. Probably the most current sorts of tattoos is of the Geisha tattoo. The Geisha is feminine Japanese entertainers and is, what many think about, the epitome of femininity and magnificence.

Typically a alternative for ladies, artists have made numerous geisha tattoos, some impressed by authentic Japanese folklore and a few given a extra trendy retro twist. If you’re new to tattoos or need to partake within the ever-growing pattern listed below are some wonderful Geisha tattoo concepts.


1. Sci-Fi Geisha Tattoos

An ideal mixture of pop-culture and Japanese lore, the artist takes inspiration from the well-known terminator motion pictures. Consisting of solely the Geisha’s head, her hair, tied in a standard bun, is darkish with mild shades of white.

The tattoo boasts spectacular linework in monochromatic trend as one-half of the face lifts open to disclose the digital innards of the Geisha. The eyes of the animatronic head stare in direction of the skin soullessly because the viewer sees the artistic but horrifying sight of the Geisha. The tattoo, made on the arm of the shopper, symbolizes deceit and disbelief in what lies on the floor.

2. The Gazing Geisha

The gazing geisha is an incredible tattoo that’s, easy but detailed and crafty but elegant. Stretching from the shoulder to the elbow, the tattoo exhibits a geisha holding a standard Japanese umbrella and fan staring mesmerizingly into the space.

The artist offers a paintbrush like really feel to the tattoo utilizing watercolor to breathe life into the vivid scene. The viewer can see the half-portrait of the girl as she walks by way of a backyard with lilies and clouds making means for her to cross. Whereas the artist has left its that means to interpretation, the tattoo is stunningly beautiful to have a look at.geisha-tattoo

3. The Lovely Murderer

Impressed by the ultimate adversary of the protagonist within the film Kill Invoice Quantity 1, the artist creates a scene of a geisha geared up with a sword.

Sporting the normal kimono gown together with a traditionally correct katana, the girl additionally bears tattoos that run between each of her uncovered shoulders to the neck. The artist exhibits the girl with minor cuts on her face and blood dripping from the katana all whereas set in a monochrome end.

The tattoo is a half physique portrait and it’s a image of feminine empowerment.geisha-tattoo

4. Anime Artwork

The visible type of Japanese artwork, anime, is kind of well-known all through the world due to its distinctive artwork type. The tattoo options an anime geisha with extraordinarily detailed hair by way of linework that holds many flowers and equipment.

One other half physique portrait, the geisha sports activities the normal kimono gown together with conventional coiffure. The artist offers the scene a dismal really feel with its boring darkish colours. Whereas the scene has no precise symbolism, it’s as much as the viewer’s interpretation.

5. Fleeting Geisha Tattoo

A full physique tattoo, the fleeting geisha is a novel tattoo with a strong message. The tattoo exhibits a well-dressed geisha in conventional garb fleeting by way of a darkish and grim scene.

Because the geisha runs, within the background viewers can see the thick clouds slowly exposing the moon, whereas giving little to no mild to the thick forest that surrounds her. The scene symbolizes escape from the norm and mediocrity.

The artist exhibits this by way of the boring monochromic blackwork background that surrounds the geisha sporting shiny, colours full of watercolor tattoo methodology.  The fleeting geisha holds a strong message of rising from the confines of mediocrity.

6. The Glow within the Darkish

A exceptional murals, the tattoo exhibits off a lovely scene of a geisha standing at midnight. A face portrait, the type, and design but quite simple holds nice element as a firefly partially illuminates the attractive girl’s face to unfold the normal Japanese make-up and huge gleaming eyes.

Coloured in blue, one of many eyes shine from the sunshine of the firefly, whereas the opposite eye has a glimmer of darkish and boring blue colour. The artist highlights the complete scene underneath a lime inexperienced hue, making the tattoo very eye-catching.

7. One with Nature

Whereas this tattoo is one other face portrait, it’s fairly totally different in its illustration and its symbolism. The artist exhibits a geisha with the signature coiffure and garb that peaks out just under the neck. The tattoo exhibits a geisha with a face fabricated from vines and hair fabricated from branches whereas flowers and leaves are blooming out of these branches.

With shiny inexperienced and deep brown colours, the artist exhibits immense pure magnificence. The artist additionally exhibits the geisha’s face slowly dying because the crops and flowers are slowly withering away. The scene holds nice symbolic that means to preserve the pure surroundings and shield it.geisha-tattoos


8. Silenced

A tattoo with a strong message, the artist creates a half physique portrait of a stunning geisha with uncommon traits. Whereas her garb and equipment are shiny and colourful and she or he wears the normal make-up, tears are flowing from her eyes as the girl has her mouth sewn shut.

Via the slight crimson blood flowing from her wounds, she presents a welcoming smile to her viewers. The tattoo symbolizes oppression and inequality in genders as she isn’t allowed to talk, she is a statue left to adore and for individuals to reward.

9. Simplicity Is Key

Whereas there are a lot of artists who’ve produced wonderful scenes, typically it’s the easiest of types which might be probably the most beautiful. The tattoo exhibits a younger geisha wearing conventional Japanese garb together with conventional make-up and coiffure.

Her face is pale with darkish hazelnut eyes and crimson lipstick. The colours come to life by way of the spectacular mixture of line work and dot work, together with some watercolor. The girl blushes as shiny pink petals and flowers fall on her shiny inexperienced gown whereas holding a Japanese orange fan that has a reproduction of the Hokusai wave drawn on it.

10. Injured Geisha Tattoo

One of many extra picturesque views the tattoo exhibits a geisha cleansing her wounds alongside a river. Via the detailed balckwork of the artist, you’ll be able to see how the geisha cleans the blood from her wounds whereas sitting on the river throughout the temple.

Her katana lies beside her as the numerous flowers fall from the timber above her, all inside a monochromic setting. As the girl cleans her wounds on the facet of the peacock accompanies her and offers shade with its feathers.

Though it has no colour, the scene is able to telling time and season all by way of the tiny particulars inside the scene.

11. Feathered Geisha Tattoo

The artist exhibits a younger girl holding an umbrella as she walks forward whereas peaking again. She boasts the normal make-up and gown all whereas her umbrella shelters her from the snow. Her lovely gown leaves behind a path of feathers from her sleeves, disguised as wings, whereas her lengthy hair touches the obi (sash) of her gown.

The image whereas being moderately black and white holds some shadows of various colours on the strains of her gown in addition to her umbrella.


12. Detached Geisha Tattoos

A full physique portrait meant to be on the again of an individual, the detached is a tattoo that holds nice metaphorical that means. The tattoo exhibits a younger shiny geisha as she stands in a grey city with not one other soul to see.

She is carrying an outsized signature gown, accompanied by the hair and make-up. The artist exhibits her holding an umbrella underneath what’s a transparent sky with no clouds and a shiny solar. The tattoo symbolizes how society creates norms and individuals who stray away from these norms are outcasts.

The artist exhibits this message by way of the attractive and wealthy colour grading of the black monochrome city and the one factor shiny and colourful is the younger little one standing underneath the umbrella, whereas her outsized gown outdoors the umbrella additionally shares the identical colour because the city.

13. The Solar

Since many think about tattoos artwork, artists and clients categorical themselves by way of the that means that the tattoo holds. This tattoo exhibits a lovely geisha as she holds a toddler in her hand sheltering it from the darkish and dimly lit forest.

The solar shines upon the girl and the infant revealing scratches and bruises all around the girl but the infant is completely nice. Via intense blackwork, the artist tells a narrative of affection unmatched by every other relation by way of slight crimson and orange colours, and whereas the solar shines on the girl and her little one, they’re shrouded in full darkness.



14. Lovely But Lethal

Impressed by the fictional character Kitana from the Mortal Kombat recreation, the artist dawns a brand new setting and garb for the character. As she holds her signature fan blades vertically whereas masking her face, she additionally wears conventional geisha gown whereas standing underneath a sakura tree whereas her emerald inexperienced eyes stare on the viewer.

The artist takes a extra anime method in direction of the character, including totally different vibrant colours as she stands elegantly beneath the tree sporting a gown with the same colour scheme to her authentic gown. The tattoo symbolizes magnificence however not at the price of deadliness, and exhibits off girl empowerment.

15. The Geisha and Her Fan

A quite simple design and elegance, the artist is straight to the purpose on this tattoo boasting minimalism and magnificence. A face portrait on the arm of the shopper exhibits a lady wearing geisha’s authentic garb and make-up accompanied by her equipment.

She seems to be off into the space together with her pale face and huge eyes whereas her fan covers her neck until her chin. The fan holds the identify of the shopper in Japanese together with clouds in a shiny blue sky. The artist places nice element into the road work in addition to the water-coloring of the tattoo that provides one other layer of element to the completed product.


16. Deception

Made in conventional Japanese tattoo type, this geisha tattoo is solely beautiful to have a look at. Her signature gown accompanied by her conventional coiffure and make-up might give a welcoming presence. Nevertheless, her ruby eyes coupled with the katana that she is holding inform a special story.

Her threatening gaze but humbly welcoming posture is kind of deceitful, including to her humble nature is the sunshine crimson and blooming grey lilies on her gown with a fan that covers her face until her eyes are barely peeking from it.

geisha-tattoo design

17. Pure Magnificence

As a result of urgent problem of worldwide warming and deforestation, this tattoo exhibits off the pure magnificence in addition to the great thing about a younger geisha with out her make-up.

The tattoo exhibits a lady staring off into the space as her equipment are slowly falling off. A number of flowers and branches encompass the girl who’s standing within the backyard. The artist makes use of intricate linework and boasts spectacular realism, but a standard really feel of the general tattoo, some coloured with watercolors and a few with common ink. 

18. Geisha and Her Lengthy Hair

Whereas fairly a simplistic idea, the geisha combing her hair holds a lot better metaphorical that means. The younger girl’s hair isn’t really hair it’s a mat with eyes on it.

That is probably the most metaphorically deep tattoo of all. The matt that holds the eyes symbolizes the expectations that individuals have of her whereas she sports activities conventional gown with out the make-up.

Though these are a few of the most well-known types and concepts that artists have displayed all through the years, there are a lot of extra on the market. Furthermore, you must all the time select a tattoo based mostly on various things resembling that means, type, and most significantly developments.

Yow will discover many designs on the tattoo artist’s studio. In conclusion, whereas these are well-known tattoos, be sure you select your geisha tattoos rigorously.

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